oh my fucking god

Date: 06 Dec 2005 18:54:36 EST
From: Monisola A. Akinwande
Reply-To: IStoleAKissFromDunia
To: Megan E. Parchment

Heya Megs!
My name is Moni and I heard that you are my new roomie for winter term, super excited!!! So, just wanted to figure out a few things about you, and let you learn some things about myself. But, first let me just make sure that you are only here for winter term b/c my bff is coming back in the spring and we are positive we want to live together. I dont know if you have seen this room but there is a big outer room and a smaller inner...the inside is a bit small but i lived there last term, but i have already moved my stuff to the outside, so i hope you dont have a prob living in it. I am a pretty quiet gal, and i think a pretty good roomie. I am from Illinois, and I see you are from Florida. Niceville, sounds super sweet:)!!! (I tried to do a map on it but I really couldn't find it in relation to the big ciudades en Fla. boo :( !!) Ummm, let's see...I don't go out too much, don't really smoke or drink...just really focused on school, you understand how it is i'm sure. I am a Kappa Kappa Gamma (so happy that i am a!) so that's is usually what i go out for, meetings, formals, and similar shingdigs. I have a bf named Jacob (my light in the dark!), so, you will meet him and love him, GREAT guy, he'll prac live here:). I hope you dont mind, my old roomie loved him as well and im sure you will. I am very religious (so happy wheeler has great location to the church) works out very well. I am trying to think of any other things...again i am pretty quiet, and i hope everything works out for winter term, i am a neat freak to the max...just one of my "o.c.d." tendencies (hehe)! I like to watch movies, and have an EXTENSIVE collection, so we can def watch a taste varies, i LOVE sound of music, but can also get risque and mix up some pretty woman!!(haha) I hope we are compatible, I was actually hoping i could meet you before we left for break, but you seem like such a mystery. I searched you up on facebook (ahhh it like consumes my life!) and you only have like 8 I really couldnt "facebook stalk" you, then I tried to google you but couldnt figure out a itty bitty thing! So then I saw your bday and I see that you are a Virgo! Cool (double snaps!) So some qualities are meticulous, dilligent, and intelligent. I'm not a Virgo, I am a Taurus, so even though we are not the same we do share alot of the same characteristics. You are an enigma...but eh oh well, just more to talk about! I hope you dont have a prob with just the winter rooming thing, or with anything else...if so just let me, or the housing assignment lady (Rachel K. Class-Giguere) know. I just had a bad experience last year with a really incompatible roomie and dont want to repeat it, and I am sure you also don't want a crazy as well. But since I wont see you, MERRY CHRISTMAS and GOD BLESS!!!!

~Moni Akinwande

::jesus lives within us all<3::

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ITT what i think i am taking this winter:

HIST 061, Britain & the Atlantic World, 1480-1780, 11:15-12:20 MWF
PHIL 14, Modern Philosophy: British Empiricism, 12:30-1:35 MWF
EARS 15, Earth Resources, 1:45-250 MWF

and possibly getting my fourth course out of the way with SOCY 49, Youth and Society, 2-3:50 TuTh

knocking out my TAS distrib, taking a term off from anthro and nothing before 11
at least something's going right lately

EDIT i have to be at work in less than six hours

this is calcutta
bohemia is dead
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(no subject)

34-7, go gators

Do I feel like getting up in three hours to spend my Sunday off going back to Jax with Melissa?
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why is it so hard for me to use livejournal like normal people

today i ate a sandwich

i was almost late for work

my new phone came in the mail and i bought 'the day the earth stood still' on dvd

i don't think i've returned more than two or three phone calls or emails from anyone since the beginning of the month but i must have called dave at least six times in the last two days and kept missing him but for some reason i can't wait to find out whether he gets leave to come home this christmas, hm?

people think i'm avoiding them on aim

i am, but it's not personal

besides, who cares

i'm thinking about getting my industrial and a couple of tattoos

i'm not thinking about getting a haircut
(thinking about not getting a haircut?)

i'm broadcasting the minutiae of my everyday life to the entire world just because i think it's kind of funny, and i can

i said 'i wanna be a singer like lou reed'
'i like lou reed' she said sticking her tongue in my ear
'let's go, let's sit, let's talk'
'politics go so good with beer'
'and while we're at it baby, why don't you tell me one of your biggest fears?'
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(no subject)

If you were on a date with a guy and he seemed pretty cool and stuff was going good, and then you kind of ended up back at his place for like a drink or something, and then you were just like looking around in the kitchen while he went to change into something more comfortable or whatever, and you opened the fridge and found a severed head there, would you think that was kind of off-putting or would you be like, yeah man
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oh shit son

gator's dockside

it's five in the morning gainesville time and i think i'm still drunk


josh's roommate is hot
matt from the nip/tuck party was hot
jason and jeff and ryan and cyrus and alexis from the bar last night were fucking cool

anna lauren black aka victoria aka my best friend in the world
i love you to death girl <3